Ticorporate Produt Lab VIII is underway!

What is Ticorporate Product Lab?

Ticorporate labs are based on ”Information systems project” course, which was part of Business Information Technologies degree programme from the start. Its main purpose was to teach how to build information systems and how to do it as a part of a project group working towards a common goal. In the autumn of 2013 Information systems project course extended to include theory studies when ”Software production”, ”project management”, and ”modelling information systems” courses were integrated into it. The newly founded course was named Ticorporate and its first iteration was called ”Ticorporate MXIII”. After the first Ticorporate the name was shortened to ”Ticorporate” plus a rolling number.

After few yearly incremental upgrades it was decided that Ticorporate as it was is at its end. The course was split in half and that process gave birth to Ticorporate Demo Lab and Ticorporate Product Lab. Year after that, the course was pushed forwards half a year, causing Demo Lab to start on 2nd year BIT students spring semester and Product Lab to start on 3rd year students autumn semester.

Demo Lab is mandatory for all BIT students and Product Lab is a part of elective professional studies. Product Labs purpose is to give students a chance to prove their worth and teach them how to create financially responsible product.

Product Lab VIII - Coming to you in autumn 2021

Get involved!

For Students

  • We’re always on the lookout for new talent!
  • You can apply for Ticorporate Product Lab through open studies
  • You can apply throughout the Summer
  • First lecture (31st of August, 14:00) is open to everyone who is interested!
  • Ticorporate Product Lab consists of 10 to 20 ECTS credits
  • Next Product Lab starts on the spring of 2022!
  • Apply to Ticorporate Product Lab here!

For Companies and Professionals

  • Plant your ideas inside the minds of the students!
  • Observe and give feedback during the development progress
  • Visibility amongst students, maybe even new talents!
  • Although you can codevelop a product with our students, we have to point out that we don’t do subcontracting
  • If you are interested in co-operating, contact Teemu Pölkki