Business simulation environment for students

Made in Ticorporate


Balancelot is a game developed in Product Lab. A group of students created their first version of Balancelot during Ticorporate Product Lab. Balancelot was well received by gamers and it caught the attention of YouTubers as well. Jestercraft helped during the development, but also took a crusade to get the game available worldwide. Balancelot has been released and is out now! (Steam).

Virtual Shock

Virtual Shock is virtual reality horror video game inspired by System Shock and Dead Space series. The game is exploration game where you wake up in a cryopod in a derelict space station and you soon realise that you are the only survivor and the whole station is infested with hostile aliens. The game was made for Valve Index but it is also fully playable with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Other games and softwares created in Ticorporate


  • Balancelot
  • Bobriel
  • Devoid Tomorrow
  • Hunt For Magic
  • Nihonshoki Teien
  • Ruin


  • CashTracker
  • GoColor
  • Huoltoukot
  • Lahja-Jaakko
  • SuperKivaFunTime
  • TrigendaDigi
  • WhatToDo?



  • We’re always on the lookout for new talent, especially content creators!
  • You can apply for Ticorporate Product Lab through open studies
  • Ticorporate Product Lab consists of 10 to 20 ECTS credits


  • Plant your ideas inside the minds of the students!
  • Observe and give feedback during the development progress
  • Visibility amongst students, maybe even new talents!
  • Although you can codevelop a product with our students, we have to point out that we don’t do subcontracting